Friday, December 23, 2011

Diwali 2011

We celebrated Diwali 2011 is the traditional Goan way. Only thing is it took me 2 months to update the diwali post ;-)

Prepared 5 kinds of poha, { mainly, batat fauv(potato poha), roosatlye fauv (coconut milk poha with a touch of turmeric leaf which travelled all the way from Goa), doodhatlye fauv (milk poha), kalaylae fauv (simple sweet poha), gavthi fauv (sweet brown rice poha) }, chanyachi usal and sasaav.

Also sweet shankarpali, thinkat (spicy) shankarpali, cholafali, cornmeal ladoo, wheat flour ladoo and the typical goan moothli(mixture of chana dal, moong, jaggery).