Friday, July 17, 2009

Ma's Recipes

In this blog I will post my recipes and my Ma's recipes, who was an excellent cook as is my Aayi (maternal grandmother).
Ma and Aayi are my inspirations for my adventures in cooking.

Ma passed away 3 years ago at the age of 59, she was just 4 months short of her 60th birthday.
When Ma passed away she left a deep void in me that can never be filled or explained but she left her treasure of recipes and sweet memories with me. Her recipes linger in my mind and my kitchen.

I learned my culinary skills from her and have her vast recipe collection that she wrote down in her diaries, but there are many recipes that I never got a chance to get from her. And sometimes I wish she was here so I could just talk to her.

Going through her dairies to sort out recipes is very emotional for me as every page I turn I can feel and sense her. But I need to do this for her and myself.
She always wanted me to do something in the culinary world so I guess this is the closest that I can get for now by creating a food blog and sharing ma’s and my recipes of Goan, Indian and World Cuisine.

Ma cooked a variety of foods, she was really good at making pickles, jams, baking cakes, etc and I am proud to say that I have picked up that knack for cooking from my Ma. She cooked with every single piece of food and never wasted anything, in fact she had many trash to treasure recipes which I will try to post soon.
Ma was an all rounder, she completed her Bachelors in Economics after her marriage to my Papa and having a baby boy(my brother), she was a self taught tailor(she could stitch clothes, knit, do embriodery) and an excellent cook, u name it and she could do it that was her way of thinking.
Ma was my best friend to whom I could open out my heart to, I miss that part as now I have no one to open out my heart to. I miss you Ma.


  1. Hi,
    Just got onto your blog for the first time. It was quite emotional reading about your Ma's recipe diaries.
    Did you know that your blog has been mentioned in the latest 'Femina'? Congrats! :) Way to go!
    And I have bookmarked your mom's instant chicken to be tried soon.

  2. Hi Sona,

    Welcome to my blog, thanks for ur kind words.
    Are u in India, can u please tell me which month femina my blog has been mentioned and also which page number and what is mentioned about the blog.
    My mom is my inspiration for starting this blog.

    I will ask my Papa and cousin sis to check the latest femina.