Monday, May 3, 2010

Cornmeal Dhokla(Gluten Free) / Steamed Cornmeal Squares.

As my daughter is allergic to wheat I have learnt to adapt many recipes and make them gluten free without changing the taste n texture of the dishes.
I make this cornmeal dhokla quite often instead of rava dhokla. It has the same texture as rava dhokla only it is gluten free.
Allergic to wheat or not, this cornmeal dhokla is liked by all.

Just replace cornmeal for semolina and use the rest of the same ingredients and same procedure to prepare as rava dhokla.
Sometimes I add grated carrot/cucumber / zucchini or green peas / corn thus giving it a slight twist.


  1. It is so nice you have posted on gluten free. My sister will like that.

  2. Srimathi - I wanted to post the gluten free recipes that I have adapted to cater to my daughter's allergies.I know how difficult life is when a child has allergies specially wheat allergy.
    I feel happy to know that they are of help to someone :-)