Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Frozen Ginger Garlic Paste.

I know I freeze a lot of things, but I tend to look for short cuts as much as possible in cooking without compromising the taste, texture and looks of anything, specially with 2 toddlers around me all the time.
I use a lot of ginger-garlic paste in my cooking but I do not have the patience to make the paste everyday.
I tried making the paste and keeping in the refrigerator, but felt that it smelt weird after a few days and also changed color which was not at all appetizing.
So now I make the ginger-garlic paste, put the paste in ice cube trays and freeze them , then just take the cubes and keep them in a zip lock bag and back in the freezer they go.
The frozen cubes retain the original color and the flavor too.
Any time I need a tbsp of ginger-garlic paste I just take out 1 cube and add to my cooking.

I also make ginger-garlic-green chilly paste in the same manner and freeze them as cubes.


  1. Wonderful idea. I found freezing green chillies, mint, curry leaves, cilantro and other herbs works well.

  2. Hi Mayuri, great idea to do this! I hate those bottled Ginger-garlic paste we get in Indian store, smells awful.
    Yeah, blogger gave me lot of trouble, good to be back now! :)

  3. Asha - the bottled Ginger-garlic paste also contains vinegar, tried them once thats it, so this is much better n convenient too.

    Srimathi - Yes I freeze mixed bell pepper chopped into small pieces, curry leaves, mint n cilanto leaves too, never tried green chillies though, will try green chilly.I do all these freezing coz in winter all these veges r pretty expensive n difficult to go grocery shopping in snow.

  4. Mayuri, I do the same - works very well:)

  5. Apu - this is as good as fresh, no compromise on taste,surely works well n convenient too.

  6. So is this literally just garlic and ginger blended to a pulp and then frozen?

    No salt, oil or vinegar at all?

    That's a great idea.

  7. Dennis - Yes, it is only ginger and garlic pureed using a little bit of water and then frozen.