Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cornmeal Idli(Gluten Free) / Steamed Cornmeal Circles.

Again these cornmeal idlis were born out of necessity to make quick idlis without using rava/semolina.
As semolina/rava idlis are quick to make but they are made of wheat(my daughter is allergic to wheat), so to eliminate wheat from the recipe I replaced the semolina/rava with fine cornmeal but otherwise just followed the rava idli recipe.
There, I created a new quick recipe to cater to my daughters need for gluten free and my crunch for time.
I liked the beautiful natural yellow hue of these idlis, without any addition of turmeric powder/haldi powder.
These Idlis can be enjoyed by all and is not limited to just for people with gluten allergy only.


  1. Looks soft & corn meal looks very hard.Any way to make it softer?Or is there any other kind of cornmeal for making these idlys?

  2. Very Nice. I am glad you could come up with this easy version for your daughter.

  3. They look delicious!! Very good!!

  4. Srimathi - thanks, yes the traditional rice idlis r always there but there r quick n easy.

    Sailaja - they do turn out very soft, I use the regular fine cornmeal, I do not roast the cornmeal and I use Eno instead of baking soda, otherwise I follow the same procedure as rava idli.

    Api - Thanks.

  5. Hi Mayuri,
    Good idea! tumbled onto your blog through google search. First time in the foreign country, I mistook this cornmeal to idli rawa and was making idlis with this and was wondering why my idlies are not coming up with the same old taste, until someone , after a few years, told me that the corn meal is different to normal rava.

    Thanks for making me think I didn't at last made a complete blunder.