Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pancake Puffs

Ever since I bought the Appe/Appam pan from India, I have made full use of it by making pancake puffs, idli batter appe, savoury appe using pancake batter, etc in it.
In konkani(Goa) the appe/appam are called "Ellappe" will post the Goan Ellappe recipe soon.
These delicate golden brown spongy balls cooked in the Appe pan are a treat not only for kids but for grown ups too ;) My kids love any variety of appe but their favourite are these dainty pancake puffs.

Pancake batter


  • Heat the Appe pan on medium heat.

  • Pour a spoon full of the pancake batter in the indents of the pan.

  • Let cook for a couple of minutes then flip to the other side and let cook for a minute on the other side.

  • Take out of the pan.

  • Enjoy sprinkled with icing sugar or drenched in maple syrup.


Sometimes I make savoury puffs using same pancake batter but add whatever seasoning I want like, chopped onion,grated carrots, minced green chilly, chopped coriander leaves , etc.

I have a nonstick Appe pan, so I do not use any oil to grease the indents of the pan.


  1. This is a very cool idea to make pancake puffs in appam pan. I am sure the kids will love to eat something cool.

  2. Srimathi - My kids just love pancake puffs instead of the flat pancakes.Its pancakes in a different form for them.

  3. good one..will try i out..I get similar kind of sweet here in belgium , they also make it using the appe pan..i dont know the name though..

  4. These look really good, will try out asap!

  5. Sumi- Do try it, it is pancakes but in different shape :)
    Bindiya - Do try them.