Friday, October 2, 2009

Friends visiting and 3 dishes.

My Husband's friend S and his wife B came to our place all the way from US. I had never met them before so I was on my toes not sure how they would be. They are very down to earth , homely kind of people. My kids enjoyed playing with them. My husband and his friend met after almost 9 - 10 years.
Well, I felt very comfortable with them and so did they.
We planned to go to Banff here in Alberta, so B said she will make biryani, dry chicken, and a shrimp dish too.

Let me say this, B is an excellent cook.

The biryani was soooooo good we did not get to take any pics, but I managed to take the pics of the chicken and shrimp dish prepared by her before we gobbled that too.

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