Thursday, November 26, 2009

Butter-less Vanilla Cake.

I love baking a lot. And I am always on the look out for recipes that do not use much butter for baking.
Now a days I rarely bake cakes with butter. I try to use olive oil for baking whenever possible.
This is one cake that I bake very often. It is so moist and rich, tastes almost like a pound cake without any butter.

2 eggs,
3/4 cup sugar,
1/2 cup oil(olive or vegetable oil),
1/2 cup milk,
1 and 1/4 cups all purpose flour,
1/2 tbsp baking powder,
1 tbsp vanilla.

  • Beat eggs well. Add sugar to eggs and beat well.
  • Next add oil and milk and beat well.
  • In another bowl mix flour and baking powder.
  • Gradually keep adding a tbsp at a time of flour mixture to the egg mixture and mix, till all the flour is used and everything is well incorporated.Finally add the vanilla and mix.
  • Preheat oven to 350F.
  • Grease and flour a loaf pan(8x4) or a 7 inch round pan.
  • Pour the batter in the pan and bake for about 50-55 minutes, till cake is done.
  • To test for doneness insert a toothpick in the centre of the cake and see.
  • When done take out of oven and cool for 15 minutes and then invert the cake out of the pan and cool completely on a wire rack.
  • Frost if desired. We prefer ours plain.

Can double the recipe and bake in a Bundt pan.
Add 2 tbsp cocoa powder to the above batter to make chocolate cake.
Add chopped nuts or raisins if desired.
If eaten the same day the cake is usually crusty and a bit dry but if eaten the next day it becomes very soft and moist.
Can substitute any other liquid(orange juice/coffee/wine) for the milk.


  1. Cake with olive oil, sounds new to me, but it looks too good to be ignored.Wish I could bake too..sigh

  2. Hi Alka,
    This is a very easy and light recipe.
    Whomever I have shared this recipe with says that it is a keeper recipe. May be you should try it out once.

  3. cud u pls add how to make a microwave cake??

  4. aww mine turned out juz fine- i add a couple of spoon of flour as it was a bit watery- but it taste superlicious! tq

  5. Tried this! :D Here: